Friday, May 08, 2009


Remember this? When Marks and Spencer started to charge £2 more for bras with cups larger than a DD, I was forced to join the paramilitary group otherwise known as 'Busts for Justice.'

To keep you abreast of the news, I would like to pass on that today M&S admitted they had made a boob. Customers have gone for the jugular and Marks & Spencer's unfair pricing decision has gone tits up. So there's a lesson for all you knockers who thought boycotting £10 meals deals wouldn't have any effect.

Read all about it here.


Gary said...


Cosmo said...

Ali, you have such a way with words.

Ali said...

I know, it's a gift :-)

Anonymous said...

Heard this on the news yesterday morning, and as I had purchased no less that 3 oversise bras the day before I did what every sensible consumer would do.
Dashed upstairs - collected the plastic bag with the unopened packets and went at full speed to M&S to return them!!
Today or tomorrow I will go and replace them with the cheaper variety!!

Ali said...

LOL good one Pluto

PS did you forget your password? :-p

Pluto said...

You're sooooooo funny, Ali ;-)