Friday, July 11, 2008


Definition: discrimination because of size: discrimination against somebody on the basis of the person's size, especially the person's unusual tallness, shortness, fatness, or thinness.

I would like to ask Marks & Spencer, if you don't charge a woman who is size 20 more for a pair of trousers, then why should I pay more because I wear an F cup in a bra?


Cosmo said...


Dana said...

Wow, I am impressed. I barely make a B. Barely!

But you are right, when I was a size 20 (or at my largest a 28) we (in the states any way) are charged $2 to $5 more for plus sizes. I wonder why that particular brand does not for plus sizes and does for bras. Surely, as impressed as I am, there is not that much more fabric or time involved in making an E than a B or a C. Surely.