Friday, June 25, 2010

Note to self

When son is having friends back after school, make sure there are no
knickers hanging out to dry on the whirly-gig. You'd think after 11
years I'd have the embarassing parenting thing sussed

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bobs and bits

Long time no blog. Since I last blogged some points of note have occurred, but not necessarily in this chronological order:

Mother and I survived a week in the smallest holiday resort in Majorca. It had four hotels and only six shops. And a Doctor and a pharmacist. Speaks volumes ... read previous post.

Son was accepted by his school of choice and is a third generation Collegian. There are no better people in the world, ask Alan Green, Chris Barrie, James Ellis, Niall Malone, Barry Douglas, Caron Keating, Robin Eames, John Hewitt, Jeremy Davison the man who split the atom whose name temporarily escapes me, me :-)

Daughter has found love in the form of a classmate with a mobile phone. The mobile phone is important because she calls him on it to arrange dates. His mum told me he wanted to take her to the local tesco on a date. I told his mum that my daughter is better than that!

SingLive Gospel concert is on Sunday night. It has sort of crept up. I have still words to learn. Alright, lets be honest, I still have parts to learn too.