Thursday, May 07, 2009

... happy birthday dear blog ...

My blog is three years old today. Originally known as 'Chemical's Blog', laterally 'The Diary of a Reformed Workaholic', it has been 36 months to the day since I posted my first ramblings thinking nobody would read them ... and three years and some 13,500 visitors later ....


Did I ever think, three years ago, that I would make such great friends and acquaintances through blogging? NO! Did I ever think that blogging would take me half way round the world?? NO! Did I even think I would still be blogging in three weeks, never mind three years .... NO!!!

Thankyou to everyone who visits, reads, comments, look at the pictures or hides on this site. You could have no idea the difference your presence has made to me over the past three years. Yes Pluto, even you :-)

In honour of the occasion, have re posted my original rambling post below. Enjoy:

We were having lunch today when my sister-in-law (to be) casually suggested that I should have/keep/write (I'm not particularly IT literate, what exactly is the term I'm looking for here?) a blog. Blogging is new to me, in fact I've only ever seen two in my life, one of which belonged to afore mentioned sister-in-law (to be) and neither of which had lasted more than two months.

At least I don't have much to live up to then!

Anyway, I thought it would be good therapy for my poor confused mind, so here I am, blogging away (to myself, probably!)

I'm not too sure what to do now, but I have it on good authority that I should mention my interests. As such, I have spent the entire afternoon making up interests I could mention. I didn't come up with much, but thought that a good place to start would be rugby and geocaching, which are actually interests I do have.

An enthusiastic rugby fan, I support Ulster (Heineken Cup winners 1999; Celtic Cup winners 2002 and probably Celtic League winners 2006) first, Ireland second and any other team after that. I have relatives in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne who would have me say Falcons third, and if I thought there was a remote chance of them coming across this blog, I would. I am a season ticket holder at Ravenhill, the home of Ulster rugby, and also travel to a substantial number of away matches every season.

I am quite new to Geocaching. It has about a four week headstart on Blogging. Geocaching is a sort of hi-tech hide and seek 'sport' that uses GPSs and plastic lunchboxes full of old McDonalds freebies and the contents of last years Christmas Crackers. Some people take it very seriously, that said, it is quite addictive. If you are interested, and lets face it, if you are bored enough to read my ramblings, you probably need a new hobby, find out more here:

I introduced my sister-in-law (to be) to Geocaching, I guess when she told me about Blogging she felt she owed me :-)


Gary said...

Congratulations on your three year anniversary. Keep at it, I always enjoy reading what you're writing! Here's to the next three years (and beyond!)

Anonymous said...

its a great blog ali, thank z

Dana said...

Happy Birthday Ali's blog! I've been gone too long...seems it only began yesterday. :)