Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Off to paint my snails

Last week I met Dolly in the hall, armed with half a dozen bottles of brightly coloured nail polish. 'Where are you going with that?' I asked. 'I'm just going out to paint my snails' she replied.

No, it's not a typo.

Apparently some CBBC programme said if you painted snails in your garden with nail polish you could keep track of them better. So she did.

So, if you see a snail with bright red or glittery pink nail polish ... please take care of it; it's more than likely one of ours!


Dublin Mom said...

Cbeebies told us to make a rain collector out of a plastic bottle so we could measure how much rain falls...I'll tell you, Sid. It's a lot.
Why would you want to know where your snails are, anyway? In case a crime is commited and there's no fingerprints, just slime? 'Where were you, Stanley? I was on this rose, I've got witnesses, everyone saw my sparkly shell.'

Ali said...

and here is the thing... My daughter, who will not touch a rabbit or a puppy, keeps snails as pets, names them and even carries them round with her. Imagine the shock of seeing them fried in garlic butter in Paris...