Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dear Tooth Fairy

At 11.46am this morning Dolly lost a tooth. She performed the extraction herself, I think my hysterectomy took less time and was less dramatic, but that's a side issue.

We are all delighted the tooth has been successfully removed as a note had been written to the tooth fairy earlier in the week expressing concern that the tooth was so wobbly that there was genuine concern it might come out during the night and be swallowed.

I, for one, was not hunting that tooth out.


St said...

How much for a tooth these days? I used to get sixpence (2.5p).

Ali said...

£1 a tooth.

Although a cousin recently got £5 because the tooth fairy didn't have any change.

We live in hope we need her on a day like that when she hasn't had a chance to get to the bank.