Thursday, May 14, 2009

I have never been as close to a cow's arse

as I was at the Balmoral* show today. It wasn't a pretty sight, and as I tried to navigate nine excited children between two fairly squashed up lines of the animals, I did start to understand how Moses might have felt whilst negotiating the Red Sea crossing.

But in fact my overwhelming thought as we marched through what could definitely be called the 'splash' zone was if any of them (the cows obviously) as much as start to 'raise a tail' it's every man for himself, and I'm out of here!

I should mention that the experience was made all the richer by one student who ducked down under every beast, only to resurface and shout 'that one's a boy' or 'that one's a girl' much to the merriment of the farming folk around us.

Don't even ask what happened in the pig pens, or when they asked the farmer about his goats which were actually sheep, or how come the ASDA stand ran out of cake samples before ten thirty in the morning. All in a day's work!

* The Balmoral show is an annual event when the country comes to the town and literally set up farmyard in a large open venue in Belfast

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St said...

I believe proximity to the West Bromwich Albion defence will you give you a similar experience.