Saturday, May 16, 2009

If music be the food of love ....

I'm a bit stuffed.

The Rev Garibaldi Biscuit plays a wee game about the tunes on your iPod. My iPhone is a relatively new acquisition and I haven't yet worked out (or had the time to work out) how to transfer my existing music onto it, so I have a mere 7 downloaded tracks to play with.

Ridiculously unbelieveable, I know. I shall work to improve that for next weeks round of the competition.

By the way, my 7th download was 'Life in a Northern Town' although not this (currently playing) traditional Dream Academy version. Back in the day I was more rock chick than disco babe and was a big fan of an American singer Rick Springfield, so when I discovered his version of this song on iTunes I just had to have it!

So go on, tell me ... what's the 7th track on your ipod / iPhone / phone / MP3 player / significant other music playing device? You never know, you might just inspire me for download no.8!


Cosmo said...

Track number 7 on my mp3 player is 'Don't stop me now' by Queen. Classic!

'Life in a Northern town' is a great tune too - hey ya ma ma ma, me-do-be-ni-ya.

I like the reference to The Salvation Army too ;-)

Gary said...

7th song - depends... alphabetically it's not exciting: 'Air and March' but that's merely descriptive of the type of tune - it's the Band of the Royal Irish Regiment.

In a random shuffle, it turned out to be 'Burn Baby Burn' by Ash.

Hmm... both those make it seem like my music choices are very parochial, but that's definitely not the case!

Roll on Friday for the next installment of the iPod game.

Dana said...

I'm like Gary...depends on the sort:
Play Count
Sound of Pulling Heaven Down by Blue October

Song Name
Any Colour You Like by Pink Floyd

Doesn't Remind Me of Anything by Audio Slave

Homecoming by Green Day (American Idiot)

and so on...
By the way, #1 on my play count sort is N. Ireland Accent by none other than Pluto. Go figure....

Gary said...

Ah - I never thought about play count to find the 7th song.

Mine, (ironically with 7 plays) is Single Ladies - Beyonce.

That might seem an embarrassing song, so also on 7 plays are Johnny Cash - I Walk The Line (more respectable), and Summer Madness Praise Band - Oh to see the dawn.

My number 1 played song is A-Punk by Vampire Weekend - probably because it's the first song alphabetically so generally gets played before the shuffle kicks in!

Wils said...

uh... worryingly, my 7th is a sermon download from HRPC....... (does that make me a social misfit or aspiringly superspiritual?) for an ex music teacher, I have very little music on there.. lots of Radio 4 plays, stories, Archer's omnibuses etc and sermons... but not a lot of songs. Ho hum. Ha, the word verification is "moses" - should I add "holy" before it?