Thursday, February 05, 2009

Infamously famous

The postcard project that we started a couple of weeks ago has started to take off. Although we had sent many postcards (well, it felt like that as the children were writing them!) we have only just started to receive postal offerings.

An interesting experience so far; we have received a photograph someone took themselves of what looks like their local bank and a postcard from Toledo, Ohio, with a picture of a rusty buoy on the front.

However, this particular card did cause great excitement as we know someone from Toledo!! Yes indeed - as the kids were very quick to point out, Toledo is the hometown of Corporal Maxwell Q. Klinger (the one who dressed as a woman in M*A*S*H)


Judith said...

looks as though you're having fun and Oh I used to love watching M*A*S*H

Cosmo said...

How about this for a nice link...

The summer camp I worked at in California was right next to an area where they filmed M*A*S*H. We would go there for hikes. It was at that summer camp that I met a certain girl from Ohio.

Although I'm not from Toledo, I have been there a few times - mostly financed by the Student Loan Company. It was the nearest airport to my girlfriend (wife) during our trans-atlantic dating.

Ali said...

Judy, we all love M*A*S*H too! We have the box set on DVD

Cosmo, I guess that means you are lucky enough to have seen named rusty buoy tourist attraction from Toledo up close and personal ;-)