Saturday, December 20, 2008

The real meaning of Christmas

As I am working round the house today I have some obsure cable music channel on TV playing Christmas music. The current programme is 'Christmas with the Stars', where stars pick their favourite Christmas song and explain why it's their favourite ... you get the general idea.

So there have been a lot of festive ditties and then we get to Lemar. Lemar has, we are told, chosen a very unconventional tune and the man himself appears on screen to explain that his choice is Silent Night.

Oh, I'm thinking, great! Let's hear why he has chosen this.

Well, Lemar explains he chose this song because it conjures up images of all the things Christmas is about: snow, reindeer flying in the sky at night and little choir boys freezing their nuts off in the cold.

I've since switched channels to the rugby.


Judith said...

oh dear how sad :) you made a wise move!! in our last parish we had a delightful German lady who every year would sing Silent Night in German at the carol concert - she didn't have the best voice but it was beautiful all the same.

Dana said...

I remember my first year as a Christian, every song we sang was SO different. They were new and I understood. (Hark the Herald God and sinners reconciled...)

He has no clue. And I have no clue who he is...locally famous?

Ali said...

Nobody worth getting excited over!

Dana said...

(Like your Paris calendar team?) I won't get excited then...:)

Judith said...

Hi Ali - just to let you know that the children's cards have arrived - thank you and the parcel arrived whilst I was out so will pick up from the postoffice tomorrow :) thank you again and again and again

Ali said...

Great, thanks for letting me know Judy!