Friday, December 19, 2008

I mind the days when the only lights you'd have seen in the sky in Belfast were sparks from bomb explosions:


Judith said...

WOW what a fabulous photo Ali - it's a long time since I was in Belfast but I seem to remember that there was a large fence and gates before you could enter the shopping centre from the Town Hall or am I imaging it?

Ali said...

No, you're absolutely right Judy - the ring of steel. Everyone had to pass through, be frisked and have their bags searched before they could go into the main shopping street. And then searched and frisked again on the way into each individual shop!

Those were the days ... such friskiness ;-)

More than once whilst shopping in London at that time I would have arrived at the security man at the door and stood with arms out and legs apart waiting to be searched, much to the bemusement of London shoppers, who probably thought I was mad!

Pluto said...

We've come a long way from those bad old days. I hope we never go back.

Anonymous said...

The photo was taken from more or less outside M&S - where those gates used to be.
All that's there now is a parking bay.
Graham (Ali's other half & the photographer)

Gary said...

Good shot of the city centre. I haven't managed to get any photos of the town this year... but I still managed to get my annual kangaroo burger in the Continental Market!

I can't remember the really bad days - we never would have gone into Belfast apart from hospital appointments when I was wee - but it's great that things have changed now!

Ali said...

Hi Gary, thanks for popping by my blog and leaving a comment.

In all the years the Continental Market has been coming to Belfast, I haven't had the courage to eat a kangaroo burger yet.

But then, I'm one of the 'Skippy the Bush kangaroo' generation - if you don't really remember the ring of steel, ol Skippy's probably WAY outside your remit!!

Off to explore your blog now :-)