Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Little Random Acts of Kindness

The Father Ted Christmas special was on last night. This I know because, knowing it to be a favourite of mine, my son left little notes stuck all around the house with the time and channel scribbled on them so I wouldn't miss it.

As it happens, I hadn't been feeling too good the night before that, hadn't been able to sleep too well and so last night I was knackered and went to bed pretty early. Without seeing the Father Ted Christmas special.

This morning, my son's waking question was 'did you watch Father Ted last night?' I explained that I hadn't, worried he might not take it too well considering his not insignificant notemaking efforts. He didn't actually say anything, but once I had made myself a cup of tea, he called me into the living room, announcing that he had got last nights Father Ted on the 'on demand' service for me and we should sit and watch it together.

Which we did, and it was just lovely, even though Dolly didn't really get it, and it lead to me having to try and explain what a Catholic was and what a Protestant was. Where is Steve Tilley when you need him? Later this afternoon, I started to prepare some (OK a lot of) vegetables for a little event thats coming up. After about five minutes my daughter arrived on the scene. Without so much as a word, she got herself a chefs hat, an apron, a kitchen chair so she could reach the sink and a peeler and stood for two hours, I kid you not - two whole hours peeling potatoes, sweet potatoes and parsnips.

Now if that's not two of the best Christmas presents a mum could ask for this Christmas, I don't know what is.


Judith said...

Sorry you've not been feeling too well - hope you're up and running now :)

I love Father Ted too and so does Karl - although he's past the curling up on the settee with me stage!!! but he does have all the scripts for the shows which he probably now knows off by heart!!

Take care, Judyxx

Ali said...

Love it, especially when Dougal opens the last window on his advent calendar and exclaims 'look Ted, a crowd of people in a stable. I'd never have expected that!'

Pure brilliance :-)

Judith said...

Hi Ali - just to let you know that I went to the post office this morning and picked up your parcel. OOOHHH they are so sweet and yummy chocolates - I know they will be delighted with your gifts and the cards from the children. Will take some photos for you. Once again, many thanks and this is your act of kindness which is very much appreciated. lots of love Judyx

KELLY said...

Merry Christmas, Ali!

jsi said...

Merry Christmas
Sorry that you haven't been feeling very well, and it sure sounds like you have a fan club that thinks you are the greatest.
Have a great day tomorrow with everyone. God gives us so many blessings, and the friends and family we have help emphasize that again and again and again!

Gary said...

Father Ted is brilliant - he taught me so much about working for the church!!!

Hope you're feeling better for Christmas... Great that you have your own version of Santa's little helpers!

Anonymous said...

Grand-daughter, daughter and Mum (or should it be the other way around) and so the tradition continues! Love you and what you are doing for us tomorrow THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH - love you

St said...

Wow. I appear to have become your go-to for awkward theology requiring child-friendly explanations. I'm a bit busy right now as I had to work on a week day yesterday but I will get to it.

I watched Father Ted when I got back from midnight communion as I was too pumped to sleep straight away. I gave good mass.

Happy Christmas. Word verification is abologir. The words of a poor ventriloquist perhaps?

RuthJ said...

Such moving kindnesses from children to mother. Mine, too, this Christmas - but mine are 20 years older than yours!

New Year's greetings from me, a Lapsed Reformed Workaholic. Don't lapse!

Ali said...

Thankyou Ruth :-)

I hear your advice, tho I doubt I actually could lapse as I no longer seem to possess the ability to function at the level I once did. Now that I have (sort-of) come to terms with that, I have decided it is not necessarily always a bad thing.