Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Busy, busy, busy!

Boy, life is hectic at the minute! I'm busy at work, I'm busy in the evenings providing a taxi service round Girls Brigade, Boys Brigade, Irish Dancing, choir, French Club, Scripture Union and swimming.

And in between all of that I'm attending rehearsals and trying desperately hard to learn my part and the words for Sing Swing, which is happening (whether I like it or not!) in less than five weeks.

Doo - wah, doo - wah, doo - wah, doo - wah, doo - wah, doo - wah, doo - wah, doo - wah!


judysteapot said...

Oh I so wish I was nearer I would love to come and watch you in action :) please do post some pics? Judyx

Nancy Mon said...

remember it is doo-wah, not wah-doo. I too wish I was closer to come hear you sing, sing, sing with a swing.