Sunday, November 02, 2008

Tea for Two

or three hundred.

At least, that's what it seemed like at one point yesterday! The house was packed, the kitchen was steamy from boiling kettles and there were crumbs everywhere. And I mean everywhere!

However, it was well worth it with £1300 (that's $2100 if you speak American, or 1650 Euros if you are a true European) raised for TearFund.

It was a truly amazing morning even apart from the money raised. As well as support from friends, family and church, we had neighbours from the street who we had never spoken to and didn't even recognise calling in, rugby mums and even rugby coaches dropping by and a busload (or so it seemed) of people navigated in from the far side of town by my Aunt. And yes, they did eventually find us!

And of course Wils, who just spent her visit giggling (in the scale of C major) and starting sentences with 'Next year ...'

Big, Big, Big thankyou to everyone who baked, looked after children, came, bought and dropped money in our bucket.

Next year ...


Wils said...

ah come on now, it wasn't C major - had to "B Major" to suit the success of the morning! Well done guys... and as I said, next year... same place same time?

Dana said...


Cosmo said...

Good stuff. Tearfund is a great organisation to be raising money for. Well done.