Saturday, November 08, 2008

Appearing naked on a fridge near you!

I was in my sister-in-laws kitchen last week when I just happened to glance at a photograph on her fridge. A photograph of me in the bath!

So I'm 8 or 9 in the photo, and OK, my brother, her husband is there too, but ... that ought to sour the milk!

I'd get the kettle on Lou, you're about to have a rush of visitors ;-)


judysteapot said...

lol - don't just hate it when people somehow and from somewhere have the most embarrassing photos!!

One of my ladies from church took a film into be developed and (I think it was Boots) refused to develope photos of her grandchild, who is only a few months old, having a bath - they said because of child safety etc

Dana said...

Wow, usually the mom holds onto those for blackmail purposes. At least that's what I'm going to use my kids photos for.

Pluto said...

I'm not sure what sort of response to make at this revelation!! Why don't you send me the photo and I'll decide whether or not you can become our Department pin up?

Ali said...

This is disappointing Pluto ... I thought i was ALREADY your department pin-up!!!

Pluto said...

You wish! Join the queue of hopefuls.