Friday, May 30, 2008

A prophesy from my husband ..

.. regarding the news that Ian Paisley stood down as leader of the DUP today and was replaced by Peter 'Snakey' (we don't really care for him) Robinson:

'Snakey will be out in 6 months, Nigel Dodds will be in, doing a proper job'.

Watch this space ....


Anonymous said...

and another prediction...
my wife will learn to use teh correct spelling of prophecy by the end of the weekend ;-)

Wils said...

tee hee... (and ewe'll lurn two ewes TEH spell chequer to?)

Oh Anon, reassure me that your words are wise and certain to come to pass! Not very excited about the handover to Dodds, but to know for sure that Robinson would disappear in a puff of smoke would cheer me up no end. I long for the day.... could I put in a request for his delightful wife to keep him company during the disappearing act?

Dana said...

So...being American and all I had to google DUP so I can be more informed of my Northern Ireland friend's interests...

Here are just a few of my choices:
A. Daughters of Utah Pioneers
B. Depot Utilization Plan
C. Democratic Unionist Party
D. Data Update Propagation
E. Duration of Untreated Psychosis

I'm going to go with C.

But I thought E was funny considering the seemingly unpopular character taking the post.

Oh and Ali, I like the way you spell things. I thought perhaps it was the European way to do so. S