Sunday, June 01, 2008

We had some friends for lunch today

About 25 people. They were very tasty and we're full now.

Seriously though, when I took ill a couple of years ago, a lot of people were very good to me. More important than that, they were very good to my husband, my kids and even my parents as they tried to deal with the fallout and chaos that was running my life and our home semi-normally.

Although their love, help and concern was freely given , we owed a lot of people a lot. Lunch today was our way of saying a very insignificant thankyou, and we invited all those fantastic people to our house for a BBQ.

All week we worried about it being wet and having to have everyone inside and where would they all go? Then the forecast said it would be dry and we had a different issue; unbelievably for Ireland, yesterday it was SO hot we worried it was TOO hot to be outside and we would have to have everyone inside and where would they all go?

However, today it was dry and sunny with a lovely breeze, just perfect thanks Lord!

We had a great afternoon and I was delighted they were all able to come, but I think we had a miracle. I fed all those people and still at the end of the day I appear to have 12 baskets full left over.

So if anyone fancies some Moroccan cous cous, potato salad, gingered rice salad, Mexican bean salad, spiced ratatouille, pasta salad in bacon and blue cheese dressing, or the odd peppered pork chop, sweet chilli sausage, pork and apricot burger, Chinese rib (not a function suited to the Jewish palate) or salmon with pesto, please, please call in tomorrow. Or the next day.


Anonymous said...

What a spread! Fantastic weather, great chat, lovely surroundings and happy smiling faces. What a great way to say thank you - I think we all enjoyed it and will remember it for a long time. Keep well and keep smiling!

Nancy Mon said...

I'm checking on flights even now.

sounds like you had a wonderful lunch and good time with friends.

I have got to see Ireland before I die. Not that I am planning on doing that anytime soon.

Wils said...

Yummmm - would it last to Wednesday?! We could be the book, starter, mains AND pudding club. Actually, with that stash left over, we could skip pud.

Anonymous said...

What a great afternoon and thanks for the doggy bag that you sent home with us, I'm now as full as a po!

Ali said...

Nancy, you must come and when you do you must visit and we'll throw a party in your honour!

Wils, I did consider it for Wednesday, but the idea of playing Russian Roulette with a salad doesn't appeal

Anonymous, as full as a po eh? you want to explain that for my American friends??

Dana said...

Wow, it all sounds so awesome...I am interested in some recipes...

pork apricot burgers? Yummy!

Ali said...

recipes any time, just ask!

Cosmo said...

Sounds like a fantastic BBQ!

I've lived in Ireland for five years now (and five days to be precise) and I've always said that the Irish now how to do good weather for Bank (Public) Holidays..not that it was a holiday weekend in the North, but it might be useful for future BBQ planning. Next ROI Bank Holiday is the first Monday in August. Get ready for some lovely weather!

God bless you in your continued health!