Friday, February 01, 2008

Sexism in Sport

My daughter is the only girl in her tag-rugby team. This does not concern her, and from day one of her attendance at mini rugby, it has not concerned her team mates either, even when she breaks into Irish dancing steps during lulls in play!

Last week my kids had away matches against a rugby club in another city in our Province. When they arrived and started their warm up, the opposing team all took great delight in whooping and laughing at the girl on the visiting team.


She of course heard them. I was a bit annoyed that their coaches didn't say anything to stop them from making their comments, but hey, a bunch of no-brainer men in charge - what did I honestly expect? I was also concerned that she would be upset and refuse to play. But only for about a minute!

Being her mother's daughter, she went out there and kicked them where it hurt (although unlike her mother she did it metaphorically, not literally) She managed to tackle and de-tag one of their team in the first few minutes of the match, thus shutting up her critics with a well applied dollup of skill.

Go Dolly!

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Dana said...

(although unlike her mother she did it metaphorically, not literally)

You make me laugh!

You rock Dolly! Show them boys your mad rugby skills!

I hope she schooled them the whole dang game...