Monday, February 25, 2008

It's working again now!

Every year the countries across Europe compete in a songwriting and singing competition called the Eurovision Song Contest. Of course, our anally retentive neighbouring European countries take it all very seriously.

This is Irelands entry this year, chosen by telephone poll just last night. How many times did YOU vote Cosmo??

The 'song' is written and 'performed' by Dustin the turkey.



Cosmo said...

This is brilliant! It is so shockingly awful it might just win.

Do you ever get to see Dunstin's Daily News on RTE? I think it's pretty funny.

I'm afraid some of our friends from across the pond won't fully appreciate how great this is, not knowing the context of the Eurovision Song Contest.

This is the best thing to happen to Eurovision since Bucks Fizz! I might just watch it this year.

Go on ye good ting!

Ali said...

Cosmo, I agree completely. Absolutely flippin brilliant.

It's a sure winner :-) How could anyone not appreciate the sheer brilliance ;-)

So, how many times did you vote???

Dana said...

Oh my. That is just, um, special.

Pluto said...

It's the best thing since Father Ted's "My Lovely Horse"