Monday, February 25, 2008

Me Mammy!

With a dead bird on her head

(in case you thought it was Dustin the Turkey revisited!)
((she sings better than the turkey))
(((she once sang with Sir Cliff Richard)))

She's not got the IT skills to reciprocate!!


Pluto said...

Yer mammy looks as lovely as ever! I'm going to set her picture as my computer wallpaper.

PS I hope this does not seem like I'm trying to influence the judge in the Big Ali Giveaway. Or should that be the Ali Big Giveaway?

Anonymous said...

Pluto, you have given me a great idea. By the time I have finished beating her up for putting my image on her blog she will certainly be bigger- swollen all over!!! Ali, or should I say Alison as I am angry, you have been warned!

Dana said...

She is pretty! And there you go again Pluto, playing Eddie Haskell. It was Nancy that brought it to my attention.

Ali, she called you by your full name, you's best be worried!

Nancy Mon said...

Your hat is a very, very fine hat. I hope you pick me... Lovely, just lovely she is.

Ali, I wish Boston was closer to Houston. I would love to go shopping with you.

Dana said...

I think we need to plan a meeting next time you are in America.

St said...

Now I'm just showing off here but technically I don't think that is a hat but a fascinator. Mrs T will lecture you on the complexities of the difference but I wouldn't recommend the experience.

Ali said...

Steve, you are absolutely right, not surprising as I'm sure you see a 'flurry' of fascinators every Sunday morning as you preach.

No, I didn't think so.

Here's a question I wonder if Mrs T can advise on. How come a few feathers on wire can cost so much more than a whole heads worth of material for a hat?

St said...

I will enquire, but since she is in retail, although a fair bus ride from millinery, I suspect I will get one of those 'If I told you that I'd have to kill you,' responses.

Maybe less is more and that's it.

Fascinators seemed to make a big comeback into the wedding scene last year.