Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Water water everywhere....

From the BBC:

'Thousands of homes and businesses in Northern Ireland are still without water, some since before Christmas. Northern Ireland Water said it was alternating supplies from reservoirs in a bid to give every area a limited supply, causing more interruptions. It has warned that the drought could last for several more days. Belfast City Council has opened three leisure centres to distribute drinking water, while free showers will be available on Wednesday.'

And so the panic buying began. Not a supermarket in Belfast has bottled water left for sale, except for the flavoured variety. You can go to a local leisure centre and get drinking water, but you are rationed to 20 litres and you have to have something to put it in. People are turning up with plastic bags. Drinking water is available from tankers at three council sites as well.

Tomorrow all leisure centres in Belfast are offering free showers.

Tell me, seriously, how does a country where it rains continuously run out of feckin water?

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