Tuesday, December 14, 2010


A wee while ago, I said I would join a few people to sing carols at the local Tesco. And promptly forgot about it.

That is until about an hour ago when I made a dash down to Tesco to get some cough mixture for the children. As I am wandering through the aisles looking for said medicine, I heard this lovely singing wafting up from the front door of the store.

Sometimes you can actually see the penny drop.

So I had a choice, I could brazen it out and walk past them, or I could hide out in the store until they stopped singing. Obviously, I chose the hiding out option.

There is only so long one can hang around Tesco clutching a bottle of cough medicine before people start giving you funny looks and become suspicious, so it got to the stage where I had to brazen it out.

I actually did try to hide amongst a crowd of fellas who were leaving the store at the same time as me, but that was unsuccessful, as I was of course spotted, so I waved the cough bottle generally in their direction and shuffled on out.

Sorry people. Next time...

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Gary said...

You're very welcome to come carolling in Dundonald tomorrow evening if you're desperate to sing some carols!