Monday, December 13, 2010

Dolly Day

Ten years ago today Bill and Hilary Clinton were in Belfast, having lunch at Stormont with our lovely politicians.

That fairly threw a spanner in the works for me that day. You see, Stormont was about a mile away from the Ulster Hospital, and that was the day Maurice Dunlop had decided my second baby should enter the world, 12 days early. Do the Maths, you'll see why that decision suited everyone!

So even though my surgery was not scheduled until the afternoon, I had to be at the hospital before the roads closed at 8:00am, which meant a morning hanging around in anticipation.

To relieve the 'boredom' I agreed to let some medical students have a bit of a prod around my belly and be assessed while examining me and answering lots of difficult questions. The only problem was, they told me all the answers before the started the assessment and I found myself giving non-verbal hints to the prospective obstetricians. Apologies to those of you who have had duff doctors.

Of course, going for surgery (elective caesarean, as it was less than two years since my last c-section) I was nil by mouth, so watching the other half scoff a McDonalds Big Mac meal at lunchtime did nothing for my patience.

At last the appointed time arrived and I was wheeled into theatre, and without too much ado, little Jill joined Bill and Hil on the Newtownards Road. Her big brother was one of her first visitors, and he was so excited by the event he vomited all over everyone and had to be taken home to get changed.

Jill was the quietest baby. She never cried. Literally, never. When she wanted fed (and God bless her, she could go seven hours overnight between feeds from day one!) she just lay and smacked her lips. This cheery disposition earned her the title 'Jolly Jill'. Only, her 22 month old brother had trouble with his 'j' sounds and so she soon was known as 'Dolly Dill'.

And so, it came to pass, that the name Dolly stuck, and to this day my daughter will answer to either name, much to the bemusement of old ladies in the shopping centre who think Dolly is a name of the past. And fans of Dolly Parton.

Happy birthday Dolly Dill, ten years old today.

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Wils said...

Happy birthday Jill..... and you know that six degrees of separation thing? I can get to Maurice Dunlop in one - he was my neighbour when I was Jill's age. You'll sleep better for knowing that won't you?