Friday, September 10, 2010

Settling in

It seems like forever ago since son first donned the tie with Maltese cross and started 'big school'. In fact, its only been two weeks.

Tempus fugit.

So far he seems to be making a much better go of it than I ever did. Amusingly, he has two teachers who taught me during my time at the alma mater. OK, they maybe didn't actually teach me, but I was in their classes. One of them is a traditional professor type who, according to my son, 'is really intelligent- he can explain a black hole in just 30 minutes!!' And apparently, he did. Twice. Though what exactly that has to do with first year maths...

I'm considering writing a note to the Latin teacher to explain that when I was my sons age I scored the grand total of 32% in my Latin exam, and please to treat his homework with appropriate understanding to his plight. She'll understand; her big sister was my best friend at school and she scored 31%. Yes, we obviously copied, and yes, we ended up in the Latin for dummies 'Ecce Romani' class. It's a wonder we went on to make anything of ourselves at all. Oh, hold on, we're both teachers.....

Crassus agricola est.

Son has decided he wants to join the school orchestra. He realises this might be a bit tricky as his current instrument is piano, but has a plan. He wants to learn percussion, primarily because you don't have to blow (don't ask me, I only gave birth to him) and it's easier than violin. However, he was also very quick to point out that with instrumental tuition being £13 a lesson, it was a lot of money to pay just to learn the triangle and the cymbals.

Apart from music, the school is a little bit renowned for rugby. He had his rugby try out last week but unfortunately, didn't make it onto the 'New Zealand' squad. And, if you don't make it onto the 'New Zealand' squad, nobody really cares which country you play for. Currently I think he plays for Romania. Fifths. But he scored six individual tries last week, so watch out for Romania at the next world cup.

Deus nobiscum.

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