Friday, September 03, 2010

News in brief

Back to work. The month I was contracted to work, doing two and a half days a week, has now been extended until possibly Christmas. Nice. Then full time after that until June. French again, does that allow for another field trip to Stade Francais?

New rugby season starts tonight with the Ulstermen playing the Ospreys in the Magners League. Sadly no French vistors to Ravenhill this season, but three visits by Italian sides. Every cloud...

The daily rosacea question 'is my face red?' was met with a 'yes' one day this week. 'Where?' I enquired. 'Just below your nose and above your moustache' came the much too honest answer. Kids. eh??!

Ryanair have given me all my money back and I have successfully, and somewhat expensively, rebooked all flights with SleazyJet. The King is dead, long live the King!

I think I have another wee project lined up for next year......


Anonymous said...

No French visitors this season? What about Biarritz?


Ali said...

Ah, I guess I meant Parisians who like to undress for charity ;-)

Do Biarritz do a calendar??