Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Do you remember I said...

If I ever suggest you join me on a rugby tour........

Uh huh, uh huh

So, I booked another rugby tour this week. Bath again, in December. Travelling with the very boys I made this trip with to Paris, no... Brussels ...no... Paris. And oh, how we laughed, how we joked, and we said nobody should ever let us fly together on the same flight to a rugby match at the same time ever again.

Ha bloody ha.

And, because I was a little late booking, I booked my flight out with Easyjet and back with Ryanair, for reasons of cost and convenience. Just like I did on this trip; wouldn't you think I'd have learnt that lesson too?

So the big news in Belfast today is that, as of the 31st October 2010, Ryanair will stop operating out of Belfast. Fullstop. That's it. Adios, Au revoir, Arrivederci, Slán agat, Fecked, Goodbye.

Oh, all is not quite lost ... you can claim your refunds on a Ryanair helpline charging £1 a minute and yes, the claiming of the refund will cost you more than the flights did in the first place....

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