Sunday, October 19, 2008

Heathrow Airport

First of all, can I say this airport is to be avoided at all costs. It only takes you 50 minutes to fly there from Belfast, but then you spend 35 minutes flying round and round and round in the skies above it waiting to land.

Oh, and when you do land (ahead of schedule, because the schedules are all super inflated to allow for the 35 minutes holding time), they will congratulate themselves on being 10 minutes ahead of schedule, but then inform you that you can't actually get off the plane for another 15 minutes because they need to find steps and a coach to take you to the terminal.


I was over in London for a rugby match. Pause for a moment and picture the scene. 500 Ulster rugby supporters marching through the leafy streets of Twickenham led by those brandishing 'flegs' (flags), only, because you can no longer take your flegpole on your flight, these flegs were attached to bamboo canes, broom handles and mops (yes, mops!) purchased from the local hardware store. Or maybe the bamboo canes were purloined from local gardens, who knows.

Even more amusing than this sight was the look on the opponents supporters faces when, at the end of the match, they were offered gifts of bamboo sticks, broom handles and mops to take home with them!

Anyway, I digress. So I was in London and I flew into and out of Heathrow airport. But because I'm getting there in the most cost and time efficient way, I flew in with one airline (BMI) ... and home with another (Aer Lingus). Makes perfect sense to me.

But not, unfortunately, to the man who recognised me from the BMI flight into Heathrow and subsequently decided it was a good plan to follow me through the airport on the way home to the departure gate. Even the sight of the big green plane at the gate instead of the big blue plane we'd had on the way over didn't seem to warn him of impending doom.

By the time he realised, and had asked me were we in the right place, his flight had more than likely departed. Last seen charging out the no exit doors at gate 78, pursued by a hefty looking security man and probably soon to be seen on an episode of 'Airport'.

I feel a bit guilty! I hope he got home. Eventually.


Jewel said...

Well clearly the man was enamoured by your charms and didn't notice (either that or he's completely daft).

Ali said...

had to be the latter!

jsi said...

Heathrow is the airport all of the Hollywood mega stars are photographed in the awfulest of outfits with gigantic Cinnabons in their hands.
I always envision Heathrow to be a difficult place to get in and out, being an international airport with the keys to Europe. Nothing like my 5 gate airport near my home. Smaller can be better.
You sure must have looked very confident to him to have followed you without conversation or anything.