Saturday, May 29, 2010

Two days to go

I have got my books for the pool. I got three from the library ... well four actually but when I got home I discovered I had lifted two different versions of the same book. Doh! So, that afraid am I that I might have to converse with an octagenarian, when I was in Tescos today I bought myself another two books. I am allowed 20kg of luggage. My 20kg consists of 10kg of books and 10kg of suntan lotions and potions!

The lists are on the wall. The first one is all the various finishing times for each child from school and leisure activities. The second is a not quite alphabetical list of the ready meals Tesco delivered this morning which are now tucked away in the freezer, ready for reheating. School dinners will also be eaten each day.

A project on the Victorians which is to be submitted on Friday is also near completion. It will be ready for the printing stage by the time I shut my case. And the news we had been working towards and waiting for for months finally came through today, son is following in his parents and Gran's footsteps by following them through the doors of THE best school in Belfast ....

So all that remains to do now is pack, relax and go brown!


Wils said...

Lol you and your lists. Am puzzled as to how SON got into Hunterhouse? ;op

(well done him!)

Anonymous said...

I wish you a wonderful, sunny, happy holiday in Majorca - how nice to have the time to read and read and read ...!
Greetings from cold rainy Vienna

Ali said...

Thankyou Brigitte! I hope your weather improves soon :-(

Gary said...

Enjoy the books - hope you'll tell us about the good ones when you're back. But was the librarian not doing her job when she let you take the same book twice?!