Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Majorca's Grumpotel

This morning mum and I have booked a holiday to Majorca. It is a last minute deal and we go next Tuesday. The resort is a sleepy area of the island and the hotel looks very nice, right down on a golden sandy beach.

Then we came home and consulted tripadvisor. And the first review said : " this hotel has gone from being a fun place to be to an old folks home by the sea walking sticks and wheelchairs by the dozen we will not return"

And the next review said: "I'd recommend it to couples over 60+ looking for a chilled out break."

Followed by: "Our party of 4 consisted of 2 over 50's and 2 over 70's and for us it was perfect"

This little gem was tucked away on another website: "Absolutely nothing wrong with the Hotel however I think that in the brochures or websites of Portland and Thomson they should warn people that it is geared towards people 75 and older .I am 53 (!!) and went as a single traveller and found the atmosphere in the Hotel very depressing , It really is like a an old peoples home besides the sea .Don't get me wrong as I will be old eventually (!!!) . If you want to relax surrounded by octegenarians discussing there ailments this is the place for you

The Hotel has the unfortunate luck of having the word Grupotel in it's name - mother has already renamed it the Grumpotel and we've not even got there yet!!


Gary said...

A break will be nice - so long as the hotel doesn't make you a grumpatron seeing as you're so very underage!

Ali said...

Thankyou for that compliment gary ;-)

Wils said...

(That was a compliment?) Anywhere has to be better than the daily grind for a few days and at least you'll have decent company.