Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mud wrap

It's a bit like a chicken wrap, only you're the chicken.

Tonight I am paying someone £60 to slap a lot of muck on me and wrap me up in towels. Of course it's not just any old muck, it's Monticelli mud muck, and that probably makes all the difference! Mind you, if my kids splashed me with the tiniest amount of mud I'd throw a mental so how I'm going to cope with being fully coated in the stuff.....

I had the choice of a few treatments, like an anti-aging firming wrap, but I'm in denial, or the body strategist organic wrap, but I wasn't sure whether you ate it or lay in it. I only plumped for the mud because they told me the Swedish massage would hurt.

And I thought these things were supposed to be relaxing.

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Wils said...

Do we all have to do this as part of the come dine with me do dah? It's sounding better every day!