Friday, January 08, 2010

Oi'll be damned

Those of you following my essays on 'The Big Freeze of 2010' will remember in an earlier post I mentioned the fact that we had had a delivery of oil on Christmas Day and had used so much were expecting, imminently, another delivery.

Oh how naive. The oil, which was to be delivered within three days of ordering, will not now be delivered until next Monday, that's the 11th January. The 11th January ... we could all be dead by then, killed by frostbite or exposure.

The reason for this is of course increased demand putting strain on ability to make deliveries on time. On time??? Even in the same designated week would be good.

Let's play 'guess the title of Ali's next post' ........


Wils said...

I still can't believe you've run out so quickly... sure there isn't a leak into the garden? Head north girl!

Anonymous said...

I remember those oil deliveries well!! hope it arrives a bit sooner for you and yours.