Thursday, January 07, 2010

Be prepared

Jump leads (check)
Cat litter or sand (check)
Shovel (check)
Ice scrapper (check)
Warm clothes (check)
Torch (check)
Food and water (check)
First aid kit (check)
Mobile phone (check)
Sturdy boots (check)

According to the BBC, if I fill the back seat of my car with all these items I am ready to go shopping in Tesco’s in the snow. Following yesterdays discussion on global warming, I have undertaken to seek advice for surviving in the cold. The BBC recommend that if going out in your car you should take the above list. Lets analyse.

No idea what the jump leads are for, if my car battery is dodgy I’ll not be taking it out in the first place

The cat died during the summer, so possibly I don’t need the litter, although I can’t ever remember taking the cat to Tescos anyway

The shovel is obviously for making your snowman and the icescrapper probably for getting ice to add to your martini.

Warm clothes – to wear over the sundress you decided would be appropriate to wear out in this weather.

Torch for signalling the rescue helicopter or any handsome passing policemen

Food and water, (or martini if you have an icescrapper) and First aid kit are obvious really. In these days of Health & safety gone mad, does anyone ever leave the house without them??

The Mobile phone is for updating your blog and facebook status so people know you are stranded. Ahhh … now I know why you need the jump leads – to charge up your mobile!

Sturdy boot with two inch heels as opposed to ones with four inch heels are probably a good idea right enough.

Point is, if I put all of this stuff in the car I will no longer have any space for the children, never mind the shopping. Best to get Tesco’s to deliver then.

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Judith said...

that's brilliant Ali - I have a graveside funeral to do next Tuesday so does the same list apply then to!!