Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Who's up for a challenge?

Gary McFlurry is considering doing the 365 photo project next year
which is to take a photo each day of the year and publish it on your
blog as a sort of snapshot/record of the year.

Sounds like a challenge to me, but I reckon I'm up for it! Who's
in?? Steve? Cosmo? Judy, you're bound to be in...!!

Sign up in the comments

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Nancy Mon said...

I don't have the attention span for that project.

Judith said...

yes I'm in - a few of my twitter friends have done this this year.

Gary said...

Well I really can't back out of it now, can I??? Particularly since you're doing a great job of recruiting people for it on here. Roll on 1st January and plenty of imagination for 365 photos in 2010!

Funnily: the word verification for this comment is nobalk- I'm taking it as a prompt to not baulk at the challenge!

Cosmo said...

Sounds like a fun idea....I'm just not sure I could handle the demotivating factor of getting to 8 Jan and realising I had forgotted to take a photo the day before.

I'll have a think about it, though it might have to be somehow coffee related! And maybe not everyday.

Gary said...

Cosmo, I was worse this year - had half thought about starting it, got to the end of 1st January and hadn't taken a picture, and abandoned the idea.

That's why I'm going for it this year, and with a few others for moral support it will be a better job!

Sure you could take a photo of your morning coffee every day - different mugs, different angles, different locations etc...

Ali said...

Aw how nice! This is turning into a selfhelp site for frustrated photographers!! Feel the love ;-)