Sunday, December 06, 2009

Stress free birthday parties

Well, it took several years but we finally got there! For the Dolly's birthday party yesterday we turned on Singstar, had someone come and slap makeup on faces and then sat back and drank mugs of tea while it all unfolded around us!

Nobody kicked a hole through a bedroom door, nobody dropped their trousers in public, no one suffered anaphylactic shock, no one had an asthma attack, no children were lost and none killed in the process.

I think, having finally cracked it, I can now safely retire from the birthday party game. And now ... to put up the christmas tree :-s


Anonymous said...

we had a birthday party at home once for Karl when he was about 8 and that was enough!! in fact he was the one who said he never wanted one again and would rather have the money to buy something - even to this day he doesn't enjoy parties would rather just go and have a drink with friends.

Three and half takers - whose the half?

Ali said...

Kelly Fisher, thinks she should do it but hasn't signed on the dotted line. COME ON KELLY!!!! :-)