Wednesday, August 19, 2009


As part of the major rearrangement of rooms that is taking place at home currently, I have been bunging out cupboards and today I came across a box of my kids old school notebooks. The work has made interesting reading, like the following poem penned by my son.

My Mum
You're as smashing as a red rose in a garden
You're as tasty as chicken
You're as cool as a can of Coke
You're as soft as silk
You're as excellent as rock music
You're as cheerful as happyness
You're as lovely as presents


jsi said...

I adore the poem! Who could pass it up - frame it and save it forever! As tasy as chicken! As cool as a can of Coke! As soft as silk! FANTABULOUS!

Ali said...

yes, I'm sounding like one big juicy KFC bargain bucket there, aren't I :-)