Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I've done it again

Much to the embarrassment of my kids, I have just accosted a strange man in Tescos. Not that the man I accosted was strange in himself. I'm sure he was perfectly normal in most ways. It's just that it was a man I didn't know from Adam.

It all started innocently enough, my son thought he had seen one of his teachers and decided he would go and say hello. Having already paid for my groceries, I proceeded to go back into the store with him, laden down with full grocery bags, risking being arrested for shoplifting.

When we caught up with the man, my son got cold feet, and knowing the longer I hung around with my bags of shopping the more likely it would be that I would be arrested for shoplifting, I decided enough was enough and grabbed the man by the elbow.

'Well, hello!' I chirped, to which the stranger turned round , looked me up and down, turned beetroot (yes, it does happen!) red and started to back away from the mad woman.

Of course, any normal person would apologise and maybe explain. Not me.. oh no, I started to giggle nervously. Which only made the poor man go even redder (yes, it is possible!)

At this stage the kids have run off in total humiliation leaving me to eventually apologise and let the poor man go on with buying his haemorrhoid cream.


Judith said...

oh the poor little mites they probably need counselling now!!

Ali said...

I'll send them over ;-)

Nancy Mon said...

Peggy and I always loved to embarrass her children. We can come over and help you.

Ali said...

That would be good Nancy, I'm nowhere near your league ;-)