Sunday, August 16, 2009

By the power of the internet

In 1997 we went to visit friends we had met on honeymoon who lived in Boston. Whilst we were visiting them, they took us on a trip up to New Hampshire to a little place called North Conway. North Conway was lovely, with little old fashioned general merchant shops and old inns and a lovely hand-made quilt shop.

At that stage in my life I still had time to do a bit of quilting, but when I saw the specimens in this store I decided I just had to have one. So I selected one (tough job - they were all so nice!) to bring home for our downstairs bedroom.
As I was paying, the lady at the counter told me she had made the quilt herself, and showed me where she had signed and dated the quilt on the reverse side.

I never really thought another thing about it. Until yesterday. I had stripped the bed and was washing the bedlinen and decided that I would also give the quilt a wash. Usually I got it dry cleaned, but I didn't have time for that so looked to see if there were any care instructions before popping it into the washing machine. Well, there weren't, but I did find the lady's signature.

So I thought, I'll google her, which I did, to discover she still runs a little quilt shop in Conway, NH. Then I thought I'll see if she's on Facebook, after all everyone's on Facebook these days. So I typed her name in and lo and behold there she was again.

The long and short of it is that I have been able to contact the lady who made my quilt and send her a long overdue photo of her handicraft in situ in my bedroom.

Isn't the internet wonderful??!

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Anonymous said...

that's wonderful Ali so when are you jet-setting off to meet her again? lol I had a lovely surprise when someone found me on facebook from years ago and we've had a lovely chat (via facebook) catching up - yes the internet is great!!

just to let you know that I've opened a new blog called Walk Thou With Me Today at www.walkthouwithmetoday.blogspot - obviously to do with walking and I would be glad of your comments and company as I have no friends on it at the moment!! so trying to bribe a few :)