Saturday, August 15, 2009

60 minute makeover

I am blogging from the iPhone because the desktop is currently packed
away whilst a major transformation is undertaken with study
arrangements. It may or may not be successful - and that could refer
equally to the blogging from the iPhone and the transformation progress.

As I type the painter is slapping on new dulux and as usual it bears
no resemblance to the colour on the sample card when it's on the wall.
On top of that, I feel like I've been six rounds with Barry McGuigan
having spent the afternoon assembling IKEA furniture.

And in about ten seconds when I push send, the phones gonna tell me
I'm trying to send this email update to an invalid address.

BTW, were already well over the 60 minute mark - even the 60 hour
mark. Why, oh why .....


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Judith said...

Don't envy you especially as our decorator starts on Tuesday and I haven't got the thro room cleared yet!!

Ali said...

Judy, it is a complete nightmare! Today I am hanging curtains in anticipation of a carpet being delivered tomorrow - the better the day ...

I'm hoping by Tuesday I'll be seeing light at the end of my tunnel, and maybe even a bit of bedroom carpet ad currently it is covered in 'stuff' from the study.

Enjoy :-)