Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Blogging from bed

It's not that I've nothing to blog about, it's just that I've not had
time to log in and blog.

Life is busy, take this evening for example. I'm just in from having
spent the evening introducing Robin 'These are the days of Elijah'
Mark's trumpeter to Jesus. Only the Anglicans amongst you will fully

But I digress. As may have been ascertained by photographic evidence,
the helicopter flight went well. Very well in fact. So well indeed,
I've decided to have another go next Sunday. But this time with a
pilot who remembers to put on his glasses before he starts flying.

And then I'm considering a bit of skydiving after that :-p

Interestingly, as we flew over Lough Erne on Sunday morning my pilot
was very keen to point out Bertie Fisher's house below us. For those
of you who don't know, Bertie was a well known, highly acclaimed local
rally driver who was tragically killed ... in a helicopter crash.

You gotta love the Irish sense of humour.

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