Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wake up, wake up!

The phone rang at 8.20am this morning. Saturday morning. Awake, but still dozing I'm thinking 'who the flip's calling this early?'

I hear mother's voice on the other end of the line 'quick, quick! Esther's on the radio!!' and I'm thinking 'who?' 'Esther from your blog is on the radio!!'

Now I'm awake.

And sure enough, I tune into the local BBC radio station, Radio Ulster, and there is Esther giving an interview about her My Secret Northern Ireland blog.

Can you believe that ... or did I dream it?

**UPDATE** Follow this link to hear Esther's interview on BBC iPlayer. Her bit starts at about 20:46 minutes in. But don't forget who brought this site to your attention first ;-)


Judith said...

That's wonderful but couldn't she have been on the radio at a more decent hour on a Saturday morning? lol take care, Judyx

Esther said...

hello Girls! I hope you didnt detect my nerves! The program is going to be repeated on Sunday 3:15!

Hope you have enjoyed that!

and thanks for the mention on your blog!

Wils said...

Lovely to hear her voice - from bookclub, you'll know I'm a tad obsessed with voices and accents! Did you know I used to produce this programme?!

Ali said...

Wils - no, but I did wonder if there was a connection .....