Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My ever-growing carbon footprint

Another blog meet has been arranged.

I am travelling to that well known borough in London, Barking and Debenhams, at the end of March to meet up with Secret Agent Schultz. This blogging friend, I have to tell you, has the most contagious laugh!

Here's another interesting thing, I was charged more to book my flight over than I was to actually fly on it! £2 for my return flight (all taxes waived) £10 to book said flight. Now, go work that one out.


Judith said...

lol Looking forward to seeing you and I must you are very polite about my laugh - it's not what my family say!!! you should hear my mother and I together laughing!! well actually you have probably heard us way over in Belfast!!

Lovely to speak to you on the phone last night what a surprise!! take care, Judy (SAS)

Greeceforkids said...

Now I get it... you are meeting bloggers!! ( I am clever or what!)

Soo.... when are you coming to the Philippines, darling?

Esther said...

ooops... who's that Greeceforkids person who stole my identity!!!