Saturday, January 03, 2009

Mashed turnips

Tonights Magners League score:

Munster 11 Ulster 37



Wils said...

whoo hoo! More please.

Ali said...

Wils, we must get you to a match. What you doing Saturday 17th January at 13:35? We have an spare season ticket for the Ulster V Harlequins Heineken match ... if you can put up with the abuse we dole out you're more than welcome to it.

Judith said...

doesn't mean a thing to me!!! saw the heading and was going to comment that I like them roasted alongside swede!!

Ali said...

LOL oh Judy, that's quite funny. I'll explain, but first:

did you know I get more hits a day on my creamed brussel sprouts post than any other??

Ulster rugby play in a league with all the other Celtic nations called the Magners league. Ulster have had a very poor season and were bottom of the league. Munster (which is another Irish province, down by Cork/Limerick direction) are not only the current European Heineken cup holders, but also top of the Celtic League.

If Ulster have any chance of winning a match, it's usually at home. But last night they beat, no whopped Munster in Limerick! Bit of a landmark win for us then.

Oh, and some people call people from Munster turnips

Wils said...

Mmmm... I (am/might be)your woman.

Anonymous said...

Well, this time I really don't understand a word :-)!
I came to your blog by chance. I broke my toe 10 days before Christmas and could not go to school (I'm a teacher) because no shoe was big enought for my foot. So I sat on the sofa, my foot on a pillow and read a blog named "Three beautiful things". There is a button -next blog- and I clicked it -and here you were!
Best greetings Brigitte

Ali said...

Brigitte, another teacher! lol! But your poor toe :-( I hope it is on the mend as we say (getting better might make more sense)

Isn't it amazing how contacts are made, but how disappointing it must have been for you to arrive on my mad ramblings from a blog so full of hope and beauty as to be called 'Three Beautiful Things'!!

But i'm interested now - what were the three beautiful things? I am off to google it ....