Sunday, January 04, 2009

501 Must-Visit Islands

I love travelling, and I love islands - generally because so many of them are in hot places and they have beaches. So when I got a copy of the book '501 Must-Visit Islands' for Christmas I was delighted.

I have to say, I have travelled pretty extensively. Well, I thought I had, so imagine my shock when I started flicking through the 501 must-visit islands to discover that I have only visited 19 of them. That's only 3.79% Good grief, if my son scored that in a test I'd flatten him!

Of course, there is the fact that some of the islands I have visited don't make the cut, like Oahu for instance. And if you could count islands I had nearly visited, well, I'd have fared much better, but I have to admit that, eh, well, eh ... out of the 12 must-visit islands listed for Ireland, I have been to none.

Which islands did I manage then? Well:

Manhattan Island; Statten Island;Long Island; Rhode Island; Barbados; St Lucia; Isle of Man; Jersey; Majorca; The Canaries; Malta; Gozo; Crete; Corfu; Cyprus; The Maldives; Bali; Gili Islands; Lombok.

Obviously there's quite a bit of work to do on this. Another project!


Anonymous said...

Suggestions for next July welcome - consult your brother!!

What about Rathlin or the Copelands you could wave to Wils each morning!

Cosmo said...

What are the Irish islands?

Wils said...

Lol, you'd need big arms if I was going to see you from Rathlin....! Is Mahe listed? Or Moyen? Lamu? Now you've got me hooked. I could tick off a few in the British Virgin Islands too. (Fancy a hol?)

Gary said...

Unless I can score some points on the Irish ones (probably unlikely), then my total score would be 1. Which is even worse than yours... My only point would be for the Isle of Man, and I can't remember much about it - we used to go every year when I was wee, until my brother was born and then we didn't go again... :(

Esther said...

Hmm, I don't know how many I have visited, I just know that when I was in my 20's I said: "There is no way I can live on an island", me being a mountain gal.

Guess what? God has humour. After Greece I have lived in England (ok, big island)then Northern Ireland (bit smaller) and now Luzon, Philippines (even smaller).

Oh, my! What's next!

Ali said...

OK, question questions ....

Wils: Mahe is mentioned, but Moyenne isn't. Lamu is there too. Virgin Gorda and Anegada are the only two BVIs mentioned.

Cosmo & Gary: Clare Island, Aranmore, Aran Islands, Valentia, Skellig Islands, Great Blasket, Holy Island, Cape Clear Island, Dursey Island, Achill Island, Tory Island and Rathlin.

Esther: I know you didn't ask, but Luzon gets a mention

Mother: Copelands didn't make the cut. Can't really understand why ...

Anonymous said...

Ali, I liked the way you write from the first word! That is why you saw so many times a visitor from Vienna, because I read your older posts, too.
The blog is:
Tomorrow school starts again - no more sleeping until 10 and having breakfast for hours
Greetings from Vienna

Gary said...

Nope, no advance on 1 for me. :(

Ali said...

Brigitte, you say the nicest tihngs, thankyou so much :-) I hope all goes well as you return to work tomorrow. I have been back at work for two days already and it seems like a lifetime :-(

Gary, I know ... isn't it awful! Even worse to discover that I was within yards of Eel Pie island, Twickenham in October ... had I only known (a) it was there and (b) it was one of the 501 must-visit islands of the world!