Thursday, January 01, 2009

Bloggers meet 1

When you decide to meet people over a period of time, you have to, simply must start with the most important people first.

I had my first bloggers meet today, and here is the photo to prove it. It might not have been the most difficult to arrange, or the furthest away, but (with apologies to Pluto for bursting his bubble) it was with the most important bloggers.

Michael, Dolly, Gracie and I all met up (with a few other people in attendance!) at Gracie's and her mum and dad made us all a fantabulous dinner. After that we played Family Fortunes and our team won.

That had nothing to do with cheating but was thanks largely to the efforts and imagination of the three wee bloggers. That and the fact that all the oldies were on the other team. And grandad doesn't know too much about ballet :-)

We had a really great afternoon, we'll have to make sure we do it again soon!


Judith said...

What a cheerful photo - you all look brilliant..Judyx

Graciedoug said...

Kate wants a date for when she'll get the skirt!:-)