Saturday, December 13, 2008

Nous allons à Paris

My daughter's surprise for her birthday was a trip to Paris in January with mum. She loves France and all things French, so it was the perfect surprise for her.

And, as my brother was very quick (too quick, truth to be told) to point out, the best presents to give are the ones you can actually enjoy yourself as well!

So I should point out now that the fact that we are going to be in Paris the weekend Ulster play Stade Francais (remember them??!) is a complete and utter non-coincidence :-)

Oh, and ever sacrificial, I'm more than happy to take orders for the calendar ...


Judith said...

I hope everyone had a lovely day - Paris, wondeful :) how many sleeps do you have before you go?

Ali said...

Lots! 39 to be precise, but the next few up to and over Christmas will whizz by and that will help whittle the total down