Friday, December 12, 2008

Eight years ago today

I was nine months minus one day pregnant and hobbling round on crutches because I had fallen at work and 'probably broken that ankle, but we can't x-ray until after the baby is born.' Of course, once baby was born I never went back for the x-ray, and two years later was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in the joint.

I was living with my mother because the extension to our house was not quite finished. Mind you, I spent the day putting a Christmas tree up, much to the merriment of the plasterers, plumbers, electricians, painters, industrial cleaners, furniture movers and Tesco delivery driver who at one point or another were all on site. The plan was to move from mothers to delivery ward and from maternity ward to home, and we managed it.

I opened mum's front door to find two Mormons standing there, and instead of giving them the brush off, entered into a full scale conversation with them. I even invited them back to finish the conversation 'in a couple of weeks after the baby arrives'. They've been turning up at mum's door looking for me ever since :-)

We decided it was time to start thinking of a name or two. You have nine whole months to do these things - why do they get left to the last 18 hours??

I had my last sleep before little Jill weighed in at 6lb 11oz, delivered by Caesarian section at 2.25pm on 13th December 2000. And here's the interesting bit for American friends: while I was having the surgery, Bill and Hil Clinton were just a mile down the road, having a cup of tea with Ian Paisley. Of course, they didn't pop in to visit us, oh no!

Happy Birthday for tomorrow Dolly Dill xx


Judith said...

Happy Birthday Dolly - hope you all have a wonderful day.

Karl was born in the Lagan Valley Hospital, Lisburn at 5 to 5 on a Friday 'CrackerJack' time (if you remember the programme?) so should have called him Jack really!!

Ali said...

I remember CrackerJack. We nearly called my eldest Jack - then we'd have been really stuck for a girls name!