Monday, December 01, 2008

Furry feline fiend, opps friend

My mother is in Poland visiting the Christmas Markets of Krakow. That's why the visitor stats are down on everyones blogs this week. We sent her, along with my father, for his 70th birthday.

They left their cat behind, in our charge. We have cat-sat before, it's easy (I can say that because I manage to avoid doing most of it). This time however, it is proving a little more difficult.

Because ... I have lost the keys to my mother's house and so, with temperatures at 5 degrees below, I have had to bring the cat into my house. And we have no 'stuff' for a cat - you know, like bed or mat or bowl or food even. Or litter.

So the brainy one in the family puts a bathmat, that's right folks, a bathmat on the floor in the living room and then tells the cat to lie on it and go to sleep. I know this to be true because I could hear it happening. I can also imagine the sly look cat gave human at this instruction.

So when we came down early (very early) (far too early) next morning to let the cat out because we have no litter, it's no surprise to see cat curled up in a nice cosy wee ball, tucked into the corner of the sofa, at the very far end of the room from the bathmat. Grinning at us I swear.

The cat lodged with me once before. It was a planned visit and I was left the 'stuff'. Cat took up residence in the conservatory for his short visit. I remember it well but not lovingly, because on that occasion, I forgot cat was living in the conservatory, walked into the room in the pitch dark, placed foot on very edge of litter tray and projected the whole bloody lot round me and the conservatory.


Nancy Mon said...

Love the litter tray story.

judysteapot said...

wonderful hahaha

Judith said...

hi Al - just to say that I returned to blogger and will be blogging here from now on!!

Judith said...

oppps should miss the i out of Ali - sorry

Judith said...

I would like to present you with an award - please see my site. Judyx

Dana said...

Oh my...cats are very fiendish indeed. I would have one but for my two dogs hating them.