Thursday, September 04, 2008


I love singing. I used to sing in a choir, and I really, really loved that. As I watched the recent BBC competition Last Choir Standing I developed a real 'pang' to sing again. In a choir. OK, truthfully, what I actually wanted was to sing in Only Men Aloud, but I can't afford the surgery.

A quick Google search indicated that finding a choir to join might be easier said than done as any choirs listed locally were recruiting men only, were a bit highfalutin / hoity-toity, required individual auditions or sang in latin.

And then the other half discovered Singlive Belfast! Who just happen to rehearse 2 minutes drive from my front door. So I wandered down tonight to their recruitment night to find out a bit more and see if they'd have me, and ... I'm in!

Rehearsals start on Monday night for the performance of 'Sing Swing' (Mac the Knife, Fly me to the Moon, Chattanooga Choo Choo and the like) at Belfast's Waterfront Hall on Sunday 7th December. Gotta wear 40's clothes ... anyone got access to a wartime nurses uniform??


Pluto said...

I'll check my wardrobe. What size of nurse's uniform do you want?

Ali said...

Funny, I just knew you'd have one

Ali said...

On second thoughts Pluto, why don't you join the choir and then you can wear your own costume.

Pluto said...

I thought you'd never ask ;)

jsi said...

Cool, very cool, very exceptionally cool.

I just Karen Carpenter's album on the record player today - and she was Singing a song, singing out loud and singing out strong to us as we dusted and vaccuumed.

Have a great time singing and swinging. Hope you can find a snood, an A line skirt and argyle socks - you'll fit right in. Enjoy Songbird!

judysteapot said...

well done you - look forward to seeing you on the telly!!! take care, love Judyx