Thursday, September 11, 2008


I've not blogged for a whole week!! I'll be changing my name to Pluto next :-)


KELLY said...

Thanks for the prayers. I am actually trying to take advantage of being stuck in the house and catching up on some organizing and reading. Woo Hoo!

Dana said...

And/or Dana...

Hey, I wrote on your wall...:)and thanks for the prayers!

judysteapot said...

to help you.... :)

I have been tagged in which I must write 8 random facts about myself. I tagged your blog so come over and read my 8 random facts and then you get to write 8 random facts about yourself.

thought you might find it fun!! :)
take care, Judyx

judysteapot said...

sorry Ali - forgot to actually publish so I could see but you couldn't dohh