Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Wils tagged me

I love the smell of ... honeysuckle, suntan lotion and fresh cut grass
People would say that I ... am (and I did a straw poll on this at dinner) scatty
I don't understand why ... I can't take photographs like Wallace's
When I wake up in the morning ... I kick my husband out of bed, roll over and go back to sleep
I lost my willpower to ... give up sunbathing for health reasons
Life is ... the people we love, the places we've seen, and the memories we've made along the way
My past made me ... the happy, sane person I am today
I get annoyed when ... I can't get online
Parties are not a good time to ... fart in public
Dogs are ... a nuisance since you have to scoop their poop
Cats are ... easier because they use a litter tray
Tomorrow is ... a clean slate
I have a low tolerance for ... morphine and codeine obviously
I'm totally terrified of ... heights, swimming with fish
I wonder why I thought my life would be ... inexpensive to run
Never in my life have I ... found a bra that fits and doesn't look like it was built at Harland&Wolff shipyard
High school was ... something I knew nothing about until the Musical
When I'm nervous ... I laugh uncontrollably or sometimes use the feck word
One time at a family gathering ... I got married
Take my advice ... think twice before marrying an only child :-p
I'm almost always ... within 10 yards of a computer
I'm addicted to ... crisps, I can eat six packets at a sitting
I want someone to ... pay off my mortgage please

So I tag Cosmo and Wallace


KELLY said...

Scared of swimming with fish? That's kinda funny - I would have never thought someone would be fearful of that? Is is ALL fish - or just big ones? :)

Ali said...

All of them Kelly!

I nearly drowned on honeymoon when I went snorkelling (wearing a lifejacket I should add!!) in the Caribbean trying to get away from a shoal of friendly tiddlers who swam over to say 'hello'.

I wouldn't go into the water in the Maldives at all because baby white-tip sharks swam up to the shallows

Sad, but oh so true